Clarine Quinonez 27/04/2021

Because of the tremendous options that are given to us, managing multiple websites is not as easy as it seems. It can be very time-consuming, and effort is a prerequisite when it comes to operating multiple websites. Your brain needs to give its maximum potential to every single day that is put into that website. I mean, without creativity, how can you make a fantastic site? Website owners mostly have a list of their favorite WordPress plugins and themes they use but installing them one by one is the real issue. Don’t feel hesitant; that is manageable by using WP Reset!

The WordPress Reset plugin is a WordPress Development Tool that can provide you to install your favorite plugins within just one click. When we say one click, we mean it. You can speed up your site’s deployment, and you can control, reset and restore your WordPress site in just a minute. The popular Paul Charlton, which has the experience and teaches the art of commercial and web design for over 15 years, states: ‘’It’s one of those tools that you don’t’ realize you need until you see it in action, and then you wonder how the hell you actually lived without it’’. Think about these wise words. This plugin has terrific features to present. You could be working for hours, making everything perfect, and within one click, you messed all of it up. This should not cause you concern; you can undo and restore anything. You can work in peace without the fear of everything just falling apart. Especially when it has automatic snapshots, it creates them before all the significant changes you make. If nothing works, you have an option to nuclear reset, where everything on your page can be deleted. A special emphasis should be put on the feature of Collections. You don’t need to install plugins over and over again. This feature enables you to create a list of all the items that you like, and when you want to install these plugins or themes in bulk, all it takes is to select the collection from your list. This can be added on a site that you already have or a brand-new site that you have started from scratch, where you can place all of these plugins. Adding a collection is pretty much straightforward. All you have to do is click on the Add New collection button, then you name it whatever you like and what suits you best, and lastly, you confirm your new collection by clicking the blue Add new collection button. These collections are accessible on every site you build because they are stored in the cloud.

WP reset has over 200,000 users who are happy with the features this tool provides. The best way to see if a site is functional or not is by looking at the reviews. We can clearly see by the 500+ that it indeed works like a charm! Plus, if you don’t like the plugin within seven days of its usage, you can simply take it back, and your money will be refunded.


As we can see, the industry is progressing. Having multiple sites is going to its top tiers. Just keep in mind that you need tools to help you step up your game and manage your site in the easiest ways possible.