Clarine Quinonez 09/11/2020
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Do you also have a bad habit of biting your nails? Well, some of us do. Need someone who can remind you to stop right there and warn you? Maybe we have a solution for you! Mobile app development Dubai offers an app that detects your hand gestures, so whenever your hand goes near your mouth, the webcam can detect the gesture and alarm you to stop right there!

Features to have in the hand gesture detector mobile app:

  • A webcam to detect your hand gesture
  • An alarm
  • A reminder
  • Virtual assistant

The mobile app development would increase the functionality of your mobile phone and make things more convenient than ever. Imagine you are eating while watching a video on your mobile on and an ad pops up! Isn’t it annoying? With the help of mobile app development Dubai, the hand gesture detection app let you change the video just with the help of your hand gestures. Isn’t it cool? Well, it definitely is!

mobile app development Dubai

How to activate the hand gesture detector app on your mobile phone?

  • Install the hand gesture detector app
  • Go to settings
  • And turn on the toggle to activate the app in your setting
  • You are good to go now!

How to use the app?

Mobile app development Dubai will permit you to dole out extraordinary activities to such famous and helpful signals. Among the most well-known highlights that can be relegated to a specific signal are the “Back”, “Home”, and “Later” control catches. You can likewise utilize them to dispatch Google Assistant and change to the past application. You also have the alternative to change the situation of a unique pointer at the lower part of the screen that discloses to you the territory to begin the motion. Numerous highlights are just accessible in the exceptional paid extra. These incorporate opening or shutting the warning “shade”, controlling music playback, calling the closure menu, and then some.

For simple use and brisk admittance to essential capacities, this application incorporates a lock screen. It is very adorable, has numerous capacities and settings, yet the primary concern is that you can rapidly enter the important signal through it. In the settings of this free application, you can change the boundaries of the coasting Drawer button. You can likewise change the overall settings and settings of the lock screen, which is a decent expansion to the mobile app development Dubai. You can now open the application and draw a gesture with a minimum of 4-inch distance from your mobile phone screen. You can also generate or make few hand gestures and add them to the application.

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